Development, Design & Operations

Hello, I’m John Uberbacher

I am a self-motivated individual with a strong interest in development and design.

In short; I work to make the internet a better experience.

How Can I Help?
I am a self-motivated individual

With a strong passion for Development & Design

I am an enthusiast who loves to come up with new designs and tackle problems with intelligent concepts. I am obsessed with designing things and even more obsessed with improving things. As a very hands-on individual, I learn best when experimenting and being introduced to new challenges. I enjoy taking in new things and learning as much as I can about the creative and development industry.
My priority is to strive for clean, readable code that is both cross-platform compatible as well as performance optimized. Professionally I work closely with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP and ColdFusion. With a passion for the programming sciences, in my free time I enjoy experimenting and self teaching myself other technologies such as Vue.JS, Dart with Flutter and Python.
On a more personal level, I love hiking, riding bicycles, running with my dog and spending good overall quality time outdoors. I really love trying out new foods and being introduced to new places. When I’m stuck indoors, I’m usually reading up on some software development forums or blogs, 3D printing all sorts of things, painting or diving into a good book.
The Skills I’ve Developed &

The Technologies I Love Working With